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To the people of the following parishes of Louisiana: Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, St. Charles, Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. Mary, Iberia, St. Martin, Iberville, Assumption, Ascension, St. James, St. John the Baptist and St. Tammany. As well as the following counties of Mississippi: Pearl River, Hancock, Harrison and Jackson.

Whereas the Armed Forces of Cuba have attacked the United States.

Whereas Colonel Doc Farto, Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces of the Free State of the Gulf Coast, by Proclamation dated April 12, 2009, has declared that martial law shall be in effect in the above named areas and has appointed himself the Martial law Commander of such areas with authority to issue such proclamations, rules and orders and to take such actions as may be necessary during the present emergency.

Now therefore I, Col. Doc Farto, do hereby announce to the people of the above named areas that, in compliance with the above proclamation, I have taken charge of the governments of the above named areas for the preservation of order therein, and for the purpose of putting the area in the proper state of defense.

All persons within the area, whether or not residents thereof or citizens of the United States, are warned that by reason of their presence here they owe, during their stay, a duty of obedience to the Free State of the Gulf Coast and they are bound to refrain from giving, by word or deed, any aid or comfort to the enemies of the Free State of the Gulf Coast, and from interfering with the recovery operations to be carried on within this area. Any violation of these obligations will be punished by the severest penalties.

The troops under my command, in putting down any disorder and in preventing any aid to the enemy, will act with such firmness and vigor and will use such arms as the accomplishment of their task may require.

The imminence of further attack by the enemy by air and other means, the destruction wrought in the State of Louisiana and Mississippi and the possibility of invasion make necessary a stricter control of your actions than would be necessary or proper at other times. I shall, therefore, shortly publish general orders governing the contact of the people of the above named areas with respect to showing of lights, curfews, travel, meetings, censorships, possession of arms, ammunition, and explosives, the sale of liquors, employment, rationing of food, and other essential materials, and other matters affecting the preservation of order and defense.

In order to assist in repelling the threatened invasion of this country and to restore order from the chaos of this unprecedented destruction of life and property, good citizens will cheerfully obey this proclamation and the general orders to be published; others will be required to do so.

Done at Gulf Coast Headquarters, the Napoleon House, this 12th day of April, 2009.

Colonel Doc Farto
Martial Law Commander
Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces of the Free State of the Gulf Coast

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